Church of the Palms

Boynton Beach



United Church of Christ


1960 N. Swinton Avenue

Delray Beach, FL 33444 

Weddings at Church of the Palms

Weddings at Church of the Palms are a beautiful experience because of our gorgeous campus!  


Our "organic contemporary" Sanctuary has sweeping vaulted ceilings.  A stone wall creates a focal point

for the rough-hewn wood cross and altar.  A sky light above the coral stone wall allows for natural light

and views of South Florida's brilliant blue sky!  The Sanctuary walls are comprised of

huge glass sliders that reveal a spectacular garden area.  


The Sanctuary holds 280 guests.  


The Schantz Pipe Organ built in 1982 is a wonderful instrument,

as is the baby grand piano.  Church instruments must be played by church staff.


The campus grounds are well manicured and ample off street parking is available.


You may use the clergy and musicians of Church of the Palms or provide your own.

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The video above showcases our Schantz Pipe Organ

and the Trumpet En Chamade which is unique

to only a few churches in the Delray Beach area.

The Trumpet En Chamade is lovely for Processionals

​​​​​​​and Recessionals during a wedding ceremony.

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